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Airport Museum in Malaga.

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In 1948 was built the first airport station in Malaga. This idea arise from the necessity that the town had to an economic boost.

People lived from the agriculture, the town had only two hotels and the idea was to promote turism.

Actually, this first terminal is a museum not only about this history, in it, collaborators and fans give their help to restore old pieces.

The museum shows interesting knowledges as an airplane is piloted, among others.

How to go from Benalmadena to the museum? You can take the train, but the stop is a bit far…airport-museum-malaga

airport-museum-malaga1It is better go by car. Take the motorway toward Malaga and take the airport exit.

You can park in the marked street or inside the museum, market with a P.

The museum is free, the parking not.

You can see the timetable in the following link, clicking here.



We visited this museum, and take some pictures. See more in our flickr album.