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Butterfly Park in Benalmadena

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With the shape of a Tai temple, in Benalmadena there is a fantastic butterfly park


I don´t want to tell you how is, because you can see this information in his website. I want to tell about what I felt when I went to this little piece of tropical jungle.

Yes, a little and pacific jungle was the first sensation I felt in the moment I opened the plastic curtains that divide the area with the reception.

Like a fairy tail, surrounded by butterflies… and a weather change: inside is hot and a little wet (80% humidity and a temperature of between 24-29ºC, it´s their original habitat)


butterfly-park-in-benalmadenaBe carefull in every step you walk: there is butterflies on the floor! Nobody wants to step on a butterfly. They are flying around the area, so they were very near to my view. I thinked they wanted to land on me… but not.





The following surprise was when I started to see the details: how they feed on, for example, the tropical flowers that adds some extra colours…




A magnifying glass lets you see how they feed, because they can’t chew: they feed through a Proboscis ( Who has listened this word once? )

butterfly-park-in-benalmadena-8 butterfly-park-in-benalmadena-7butterfly-park-in-benalmadena-3






Every day new butterflies are born in the nursery, so do not miss the unique opportunity to see how they hatch from the chrysalis and spread their wings.

The walk can takes you since thirty minutes to all you want, because the good sensation of be in a little jungle remains into you every minute… is difficult make the decision to said goodbye…

Newly, you go through the exit plastic curtains… and pass to the shop.


This is all about my visit … Do you want to know how to find the Butterfly Park? This information is taken by the leaflet the park gives to me.



To see more pictures, click here. There are more about this park that cannot be explained, they must be seen!