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Cable car in Benalmadena

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The cable car is the best way to see the Benalmádena Coast from a Bird´s eye view. From the top, you feel like a little fleck in the hugeness.

The journey takes approximately 15 minutes. First, you start to feel the increase, all behind your feet start to seem very small…


The journey allows you enjoy fantastics views and a really freedom feeling.

When you think that the trip is going to finish, it start to go up more and more!

cable-car-benalmadena-1Once you arrive, the show start!

Take you camera and go to the viewpoint: you will see all the coast. Málaga, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola… Fantastic! The sea, the town…

There are hiking routes which visitors can discover the rich flora and fauna of this  Mediterranean mountain with its protected indigenous species, such as dwarf palm, rosemary, thyme, gorse, marjoram, ironwort…

Also, you can see a a spectacular birds of prey exhibition every day in the peak’s arena, at 1.00pm every day, and some days at 17.30pm (is recommendable to inform about this time exhibition)  Keep in mind that if you want to see the birds exhibition, and the journey takes 15-20 min. you must be in the queue with the enough time.

On the top of the mountain, you can see the other side. In summer, the most espectacular is at night. The sunset…

When the dark invade all around you, start the second spectacle. The highway with a cars file that never finish, with all the lights indicating his direction.

There are a horse show and a fantastic open air planetarium, another of attractive options for summer nights. In the web page I read: “Each Planetarium session is different depending on what the night sky has to offer, so for example some of the most exceptional sessions of the season are the ones dedicated to the Perseids week, which we hold every August to coincide with this astronomic phenomenon.”


My advise if you are going to visit the top, is to carry a hat to protect you against the sun, as well as put solar protection on your neck, face and arms. A bottle of fresh water don´t be extra, specially if you are going to walk the routes.

There are some brave people that go down by foot! You can walk by the road that links the town with the top. It´s your decision.

If your passion is mountain biking,  take your bicycle with you in one of the Cable Car cabins, to then descend by one of the routes.

If you want to see the photos I taked in my visit, click here to go to my Flikr album. I will upload more photograps, as I usually go up to Cablecar every Resident Day, in wich all Benalmadena residents can use it free.