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Tourism from the Costa del Sol: The Caves of Nerja

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The Nerja Caves are also in the Coast of the Sun.  As we have several pages that tell us about their history, here  I want to tell you how you can spend a day visiting this wonder we have so close to Benalmádena.

It takes about 45 minutes to get on the highway. They are well signposted from the entrance to the village, so you can not miss. Once we arrived, we can park inside for just 1 euro, regardless of the time you spend inside. You can also search site to one side, where there is a field (which of course, is usually full).

The caves ticket costs 10 € for adults and 6 € for children from 6 years. Before entering, you should know a couple of things: it is not cold inside and you can’t to use the flash to take pictures. I recommend you to look on their website the other indications, especially the timetables.

The cave has a priceless beauty, as you can see in the pictures. The pictures are dark because the low light, and as we have indicated, the use of the flash does come out better. Once you finish your visit, between about 40 and 60 minutes, you have within the enclosure a typical souvenir shop and a restaurant.  


Outside the enclosure there are also restaurants.  It isn’t  look expensive, rather inexpensive, but if you prefer to take your own food, there is also a free area to do so, with tables, bins and playground area. Perfect for a family day out. As curiosities, you can see a squirrel very close tot you. Looks that are accustomed to people. Cats not lack either … check them food!


The truth is that you can spend a great morning or afternoon. If you decide to visit the famous village, take a tour of the Blue Summer Park. It is a playground where every street is named after a character from the famous spanish serie.

In the end, it is the replica ship to Chanquete, maybe under restoration. I do not know what happened to the original, I had understood that was at the entrance of the town (and I saw 12 years ago when I first went to Nerja)

And of course, you can’t miss the visit to the Balcony of Europe. It is difficult to park outside, but there is  parking very close (2.10 € per hour). If you like the idea, let’s go making plans for Sunday, look at the time it’s going to do and enjoy both families and couples. It is something we have very close.

caves-of-nerja-2 See more pictures clicking here.

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