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Guadalhorce River mouth in Málaga

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A walk in the countryside.

What to do in Benalmadena? Would you like to have a walk in the contryside? before take this decision, think if you are going to take a walk on foot or by bike.

More and more people are aimed at this fashion, the bike, and go every weekend to this area, because is safe for them: no cars, only the path.

Drive 15 minutes to Málaga and take the aeropuerto exit, but following the posting signs indicating: Desembocadura del Rio Guadalhorce.


There are posting signs that will help you to find the path where the walk starts, you have to go to the Guadalhorce street. Depending on the hour or the season, will be more or less parking.


Is more safe to park in the streets around the school.

Once you are out the car, go to the start point and pass the bridge

Once you have passed the bridge, choose one of the two paths. If you look the map above, all the roads are connected and finish to the beach. Think your route and go ahead!

Lakes, in wich, depending the season, diferents animals live here. The most beautiful is after raining days, so the lakes are full of water. Take with you some binoculars, a hat and fresh water.


Very important: don’t try to get to Malaga from here, it is not connected with it. Is frecuently find people asking for the way to get to the other side. The only way is through the highway…

Maybe, one day, a bridge will be build, but at the moment it doesn’t exist.