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I have a property in Spain.

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Properties in Spain are taxes by an especial tax named “renta imputada”, like an income tax for the posesion.

Every natural year the owner has to fill the 210 model. The period finish in the 31st of December.

What do you need to fill this document?

  1. Your spanish NIF (essential)
  2. The property value. You can see it in the IBI.  The town hall issues a bill every year: Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (local tax for a property posesion). Look for “Valor Catastral”, and this is the base.
  3. In this invoice, you can also see a large number named “Referencia Catastral”
  4. The tax base is the 1,1% to the property value.
  5. The tax rate is determinated by the AEAT. For 2016 is 19 %,residents in the UE, Iceland and Norway. For the rest of the taxpayers, it is 24%.



If you need help with this document, please,  contact with us.