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Leisure in Benalmadena: Sea Life.

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Other attractions and entertainment we have in Benalmadena Costa, is the Sea life. It is unique in Spain and it is open during all year (except Christmas Day).

But it isn’t only a tourist attraction. Residents also enjoy it. It’s a place to go with kids and enjoy the games that are offered during the visit, so they don’t get bored.

If you buy the tickets online, are cheaper. Also, they have an annual pass if you want to go throughout the year.

It takes around an hour, but  depending on how you entertain yourself, it can takes more.


When entering, the children receive a refillable , in which they have to go searching for answers to questions that are proposed. This way, we get their interest  greater. Until February 24, 2015, the game was  finding friends SpongeBob (the were hidden).

Along the route, you will find panels: the answer lies in them. At the end of the course you will receive a medal.


What things caught my attention when I was there?

sea-life-benalmadena1The manta ray-fish: they go swimming quietly, but if you approach your hand to the surface, they think you’re going to take food and up. You can see them stand up for the surface.





Sea-horses: they are bred in captivity as they are very delicate and susceptible to contamination. You will see how they are raised.

The fish tank of Nemo: who does’n  remember the movie “Finding Nemo”? No missing  one of his characters.

Otters!: There are a couple.  Otters have their own space and they cuddle each one between them. They go together swimming, running…

How to raise funds to sea-life-benalmadena-3help the breeding of sea-horses: launch some coins rolling down a giant funnel, and they will give many turns before entering the bank.


Do you want to see more pictures? click here.

Where is the Sea Life? In our harbor, Puerto marina.