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Reasons to have a homeowners insurance.

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You have invested much money in a property. You are very happy to have it and never think something wrong will be happen.

“Why are I going to have a homeowner insurance if it is not mandatory?” In Spain, it is for all vehicles, but not for homes. However, I think: If I pay for the probality to have an accident and satisfy if I am guilty, Why not for the possibility in my house?

  1. If a pipe brokens and water damages to some neighbor property, you must paid all the repairs. It can costs a lot of money!
  2. The policies have personal Liability Protection, that  also protects you against lawsuits if someone gets injured while on your home.
  3. The damage for fire. You can lose all in a fire. Your personal possessions, documentation… even a little fire can make you lose all. Have you thinked the value of all your belongings?
  4. A surge that damage you TV, your microwave, your fridge (and the food in it)…
  5. Stealing. The damage that the thief caused.
  6. Do you think to rent your property? The loss of rent.
  7. Broken glass…

There are several types of policies. It´s very important read all the conditions to be sure to sign up the most convenient to each one.